Play Pickleball The fastest growing sport in America!

Pickleball Leagues & Lessons There’s a reason so many players get hooked on this sport – it’s easy to start, but hard to stop

At the Lyme Shores Racquet Club we offer an assortment of Pickleball programming that will exponentially grow this coming fall! We currently offer Open Play, Clinics, Lessons and the ability to reserve your own court.
Pickleball ProgrammingDay & Time Pricing
Pickleball Open PlaySundays: 9 - 12 PM$10/person
Beginner Clinics
Sundays: 9 - 12 PM$25/person
Intermediate/Advanced ClinicsSundays: 9 - 12 PM$25/person

Open Play – Come play with your friends or get into a pick-up game with other Pickleball enthusiasts! Take advantage of our open play to drill with your partner if the courts are not filled. We will supply the balls and you can work on your game like the pros do! Games are to 11 points and players will rotate in and out with players waiting on our 6 Pickleball courts. Check above for levels, pricing and time!

Pickleball Clinics – Pickleball clinics are a great way to improve your game! Our Pickleball clinics are designed for beginner players who would like to work on specific aspects of their game. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced clinics are offered on Sundays. Call ahead if interested!

We also offer a beginner practice court upon request. This is great for those who have had a few lessons, but are not ready to rotate in with the regular players.

Reserving A Court – If you are looking to reserve a court make sure to do so in advance. You can reserve a court by stopping by the front desk or calling the facility at (860) 739-6281

No paddle? No problem! We have plenty of demo paddles available at the front desk