Adult Tennis Lessons lessons for all skill levels, designed to help you improve your game

ADULT CLASSES Private Lessons Are Offered


4.0 USTA Drills

A competitive lesson with a focus on doubles strategy and positioning! Be prepared to bring your ‘A’ game! Only 3 to 4 players per court. 

Intermediate Drills  

This is for tennis players caught right in the middle of the beginner and advanced level. Typically, intermediate players have tennis experience, a basic understanding of the game and display the enthusiasm to excel to the next level! A minimum requirement of 3 players with a maximum of 6 players.

Point Play

The tennis workout that covers fitness, fun and action! A doubles version of king of the court. This is offered for all abilities throughout the week! With music playing, this high energy program will give you a full calorie burning workout! 


Stroke of the Week

Time to improve and perfect the different shots used in your tennis game. This is designed with specific drills to work on each shot. Forehands, volleys, backhands, overheads, lobs and serves. Let’s put them all together and game on! A minimum 3 player requirement with a maximum of 6 players. 

Friday Night Social

A fun, casual night of tennis and friends. We rotate partners throughout the night and all levels are accepted. This is a great way to engage within your tennis community!


A fun challenging 90 minute clinic. There will be 3 teams of 2 players joining up to various games to 11 points. Only level 3.5+ players only. 


DayProgramTimePrice: Member/Non Member
Monday4.0 USTA Drills
Intermediate Drills
TuesdayPoint Play9:00-10:30am
WednesdayStroke of the Week10:00-11:00am$25/$35
ThursdayPoint Play6:30-8:00pm$22/$32
FridayFriday Night Social TBA7:00-9:00PM$19
Point Play
We offer several adult tennis clinics that are ongoing throughout the year. There are no set sessions, so you can play as your schedule allows.
Call ahead if you plan to participate in a clinic – (860) 739-6281.


Bobby Schlink

Head Tennis Pro
Director – Junior Programming

David Roth

Head Tennis Pro
Director – Adult Programming

Andre Danford

Senior Tennis Professional
Director of USTA Jr. Tournaments

George Ulrich

Senior Tennis Professional