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QuickStart Tennis

QuickStart tennisQuickStart Tennis is a new USTA approach to introducing children to the game of tennis. Similar to other youth sports, QuickStart Tennis scales the game down, featuring:

  • Smaller courts with lower nets
  • Lighter and lower-bouncing balls
  • Smaller and lighter racquets adjusted to a child’s size

Children 8 and Under:

  • Court Size: 36′ x 18′
  • Racquet Size: Up to 23″ in size
  • Balls: Either a foam ball or a very low compression ball
  • Net Height: 2′ 9″ (three inches lower than regulation)
  • Scoring: Best of three games, with the first player to win seven points winning the game

Children 10 and Under:

  • Court Size: 60′ x 21′ (60′ x 27′ for doubles)
  • Racquet Size: Up to 25″ in size
  • Balls: A low-compression ball (travels a little faster and farther than the ball utilized by the 8 and under group, but will still have a lower bounce than the standard tennis ball)
  • Net Height: 3′
  • Scoring: Best of three sets, with 4 games winning a set, and the third set being first to 7 points (if necessary).

Learn from the pros how 10 and Under Tennis using the QuickStart format is a revolution for the sport. Watch the video below:

To learn more about QuickStart Tennis, visit the USTA’s 10 and Under Tennis website.

10 and Under Tennis