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Swimming Lessons

swimTimes and Levels

9:45am Advanced (age 6+)
Student already swims freestyle with rotary breathing & backstroke. Will refine these strokes and learn breaststroke & butterfly.

9:45am Intermediate (age 6+)
Student can kick on back 30 feet and has been introduced to rotary breathing. Will learn freestyle with proper breathing and improve backstroke.

10:20am Advanced Beginner & Pre-school Plus
Student can perform front and back glides and is comfortable in deep water. Will be introduced to rotary breathing and backstroke.

10:55am Beginner (age 6+)
Student cannot float unassisted. Will learn to put face in water, front and back floats, and flutter kick.

11:30am Pre-school (age 3-5)
Student learns to put face in water, front and back floats, flutter kick and possible arm stroke.

2016 Session Dates

Session I: June 26 – July 7
Session II: July 10 – July 20
Session III: July 24 – August 3

Classes are 30 minutes in length and meet Monday-Thursday for 2 weeks. Fridays are reserved for make-ups due to weather issues. Make up for July 4 is July 7.

Fees Per Swimmer

1 Session: $90 for members, $114 for non-members
2 Sessions: * $172 for members, $218 for non-members
3 Sessions: * $246 for members, $312 for non-members

* Multiple Session Discounts – In order to receive discounts, full payment for all sessions must be made at one time.


Diane Letendre has been teaching and coaching children and adults in competitive swimming for over 40 years. She currently teaches and coaches at the East Lyme Aquatic Center and is a Master swimmer herself.

Jessica Carlson is a former special education teacher and has taught and coached swimming for over 15 years. Former competitive swimmer.

Both coaches are professional and believe that proper stroke mechanics should be emphasized. Of course, nurturing a love for swimming is also an essential part of their mission!

To Register

Arrange for an evaluation by calling Diane Letendre (636) 236-9928. Swimmers must be evaluated to be placed in the appropriate class level prior to registration. Evaluations will be scheduled on an individual basis over the phone.

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